mad farmer and mother hen are a little duo of mad crafters, backyard barnyard-ers, and busy-bodied bicyclers. we craft under the name wildcraft & co. – striving to work in the natural world with things we’ve gathered and gleaned from rural ruts and urban wilds.

mother hen hails from the monocropped midwest – traveling to texas to learn the art of growing good food and giving back to community. mad farmer is a died-in-the-wool true-blue texan – and dern-proud of it. they met at a farm and now dream together daily, crafting to their hearts’ desire – whilst intermittenly working for a local distillery, garden with neighborhood youthooligans, and doing all things to grow/craft/support the local diy/food/etc. economies.

follow our follies here:
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and our former (now defunct) folly can be found here:
*******the waste-not wagon