Sunday, January 15, 2012

january gardens and a portable typewriter.

beginnings of the north waco training farm - ground breaking january 16, 2012.
january is one of my busiest months in my sometimes-i-get-paid-and-pretend-i'm-an-adult job as a school gardener/agrarian social worker.  odd time of year.  the mlk day of service is when i (in conjunction with the urban gardening coalition) coordinate about 20 community and school based gardens in planting donated pansies and snapdragons; seeding potatoes, onions, and greens; building new garden beds with creative materials from the habitat restore; and turning lots of compost.  we also eat and chat and reflect and make art and all that good stuff.  all this means that i work 11-12 hours/day leading up the event (note:  i get paid for 8-10hours/week - ie i'm basically a professional volunteer, which used to be a strange and twisted dream of mine . . .)

portable.  non-electric. $5. awesome.
this also means that my ability to craft and knit and soap-make has been put on hiatus - which is a stinker since those things keep me grounded (besides digging in the dirt, which i am able to do for approximately 5 hours each week - more if i'm lucky).  however, today i (and my wonderfully dashing husband) took some r-and-r.  which looked like me fixing up an old portable typewriter i recently bought for $5 at a local thrift store and making soap labels, which then were cleverly and craftily affixed to bars of lavender honey and rosemary mint soap. (my husband - however - had to fuss with our old truck - a 1972 ford - which has been a bit fussy herself).
our vehicle for cross-pollinating.
 and that's about all for the weekend - which boiled down to one day over the past two weeks.  now for a shower and some steinbeck.

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