Monday, February 6, 2012

guilty pleasures for the now.

things i may currently be obsessed with - in no particular order or timeline:
  • reading books that become movies.  "hunger games" and "all the pretty horses" and "interview with a vampire" and "twilight" (yep - team jacob) and "wildwood" (will most likely become some sort of hipster claymation phenom)
  • foster the people.  all the time.  "helena beat" and "call it what you want
  • reading books about diy home repair - ie reclaiming wood floors, kitchen tiling, building an outdoor kitchen, insulating, etc.  considering if we are able to buy a house/land - we'll probably have to rehab whatever we can afford
lovely moccasins - from manamocs
  • moccasins - both homemade and ye old vintage minnetonka
imagine this on a sweater.  it is - by sharp shirter.
  • old grandma/crazy sweaters - a never waning obsession
  • convincing my husband to craft me antler buttons and tan deer hides (so i can make my own stinkin' moccasins)
bacon-chocolate covered pretzel - by lynsey confections

  • bacon-flavored things.  mainly bacon-flavored chocolate.  even though i still proclaim to be a farm-itarian.
  • dreaming about harvesting all those greens on the side of the road that look like a crazy love child of turnip+mustard+radish greens.

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