Thursday, February 9, 2012

today's bizness. and a cup of lemon ginger tea.

morning started with an inspirational song to rev up the urban gardening coalition office:  'bizness' by tUnE-yArDs.  then the gathering of eggs from our lovely hens.  today's total:  8 -- all in a lovely array of beiges and browns and one lone white.  not too shabby for 9 layers.  biked to first meeting to discuss housing possibilities down at ye olde habitat office. 

then off to the goodwill as-is store - possibly heaven for folks who love to craft from recycled old clothes and shrunken sweaters and moth-eaten blankets (ie my love language).  here i dig through shipping crate-sized boxes for golden treasure. (i score raggedy carhartts for raggedy garden work, an old samsonite suitcase for farmers market, & old flannel pajama pants for diy flannel scarf).

bike with the dog and co-workers to the river for a meeting about ramping up the s.n.a.p. (food stamps) at the waco downtown farmers market.  then more house browsing and new dreams of living on land, semi-in-the-country with our own road-side farm stand where we sell our soaps and home-baked goods (thank you not-very-comprehensive cottage food bill) and vegetables.  first, the house in axtell.  next, the house on orchard lane.  dinner with the boys.  crafty work for the farmers market. 

and ending with lemon ginger tea, more inspirational music (thank you for your sweet dance moves, janelle monae), and bit of reading from the wonderful world of wildwood.

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