Tuesday, January 3, 2012

entry no. 1 - songs to craft by (2011 edition).

why not start at the basics - songs that run through my head on most days.  or on most days last year. while most folks take time to share their year-end thoughts and summations and song lists before the clock strikes twelve on the eve of the dawn of something great and new, i share those now.  in no particular order:
  • "midnight city" - m83
  • "bizness" - tUnE-YarDs
  • "home" - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
  • "slow life" - grizzly bear/beach house
  • anything by ke$ha
  • "grown ocean" - fleet foxes
  • the blue valentine soundtrack (esp. "granny diner") - grizzly bear
  • "dog days" - florence and the machines
  • "6 foot 7" - lil wayne
  • "time to pretend" - mgmt
  • "dance yrslf clean" - lcd soundsystem
this list is pretty indicative of the orderly chaos in my head.  but an overall pretty good kick-out-the-jams-at-full-blast-when-the-house-is-empty-and-the-neighbors-already-think-i'm-crazy mix.  i like to wear grandma sweaters and knit whilst i kick out the jams.

happy new year.

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