Thursday, January 5, 2012

foxfire friday.

once upon a time, i was reading through the foxfire series.  a lovely series from which to learn many of life's little secrets.  like concocting moonshine.  or cobbling shoes.  or raising goats.  or making jam.  and i thought to myself, why not bring that into being here where i live - where we gather and share skills and learn from one another - none of us experts and none of us really knowing one another other than knowing what we'd like to know more about.  and so foxfire fridays were born.  a series emerging from the local whim and fancies of friends we know who craft and can and brew and stew and ferment and forage - and meet month by month.

but why the friday?  i also discovered a lovely little farm in birmingham, alabama (the jones valley urban farm) who ran a workshop series entitled 'second saturdays,' and yup, they meet on the second saturday of every month.  mash 'em together and here we are with waco's own foxfire fridays.

thus far we've learned about:
  • canning and preserving
  • kombucha brewing
  • knitting
  • cheese-making (hard, soft, and yogurt cheeses)
  • soap making
  • herb-crafting (tonics, salves, and syrups)
  • rootbeer brewing
  • diy household cleaners
  • and backyard chicken keeping
and the story continues . . . this month - january - i'll be leading another soap making workshop at the urban gardening coalition headquarters.  stay tuned for more details and lovely stories and photos from what results.

ps - i'm hoping to name my first daughter tallulah falls - after a story (and place) mentioned in the foxfire books.  my husband concurs - so long as he can name a son jasper jack.

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  1. I like your style. Keep up the blog writing. You have it.